Earlier this year, a breezy, sun-drenched instrumental started drifting through videos uploaded on the app of the moment – TikTok. Understated, strangely familiar, and undeniable, ‘Laxed (Siren Beat)’ retrofitted the pitch-bent synths of electronic dance music to a hip-hugging reggaetón drum pattern, while bubbling pacific reggae keys floated up with the groove. 

On the intro to ‘Laxed (Siren Beat)’, a pitch-manipulated voice utters the adlib “685 baby, let’s go,” a sequence of numbers which make up the international calling code for the polynesian islands of Samoa. That specific reference point inspired TikTok users to create the culture dance: a challenge where they would showcase their heritage and traditional national costumes while dancing to the beat.  

Now a world wide, chart topping hit, with Jason DeRulo, the TikTok trending song has been transformed into a pop sensation.
which now has over 1 billion combined streams worldwide to date, is now certified 2x Platinum in Ireland, Platinum in UK, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and Gold in US, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, France and Germany. The collaboration also hit the number one spot on Spotify in 11 countries.

17-year-old New Zealand-born Cook Island Samoan producer Jawsh 685 has gone on to release his new song “Sweet & Sour” ft. Lauv & Tyga. The fresh yet familiar track mixes sugar-coated synths with punchy percussion for a sweet and sour song that you’ll be sipping on for the rest of the summer.

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