Ash Lune is an old soul. With her serene, verdant, piano-led pop songs, the burgeoning star wants to take listeners back to a simpler time of being, an era of plaintive love songs and aching hearts, of deftly written paeans to heartbreak and classicist, deeply-felt balladry. Hearkening back to the easy songcraft of indie icons likeBen Gibbardas well as the evocative timelessness of contemporaries like Lana del Rey and Lorde, Lune is the perceptive new voice of an anxious generation in need of calm.

Born in Mumbai, India, musicality is in the 23-year-old’s veins. Every member of her family can play an instrument and sing perfectly on key, and her older brother taught her to sing from the moment she could make a noise. As she grew up, Lune became an avid listener, a quiet student of the modern classics she and her brother would scour the internet for in the early-2000s—artists likeTwo Door Cinema Club, Avril Lavigne, Iron& Wine, and Bon Iver, whose variety and artistic integrity helped Lune develop her own sense of style and passion. Where some artists preemptively seek center stage, Lunealways waited and listened, quietly building her own artistry through observing perfect melodies and brilliant, poetic lyricism

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Less Words

  • 2021

    Ash Lune / Before

  • 2021

    Ash Lune / Party at the Party